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Anthropology Biography Web. Henri Frankfort, 1897-1954. (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Home Page of Anthropology Biography Web. (Website) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Howard Carter (1874 - 1939). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Ian Hodder, 1949-. (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Jacques Bordaz (1926 - present). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. James Henry Breasted (1865 - 1935). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. James Mellaart (1925 - present). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Jean-Francois Champollion (1790 - 1832). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Johann Winckelmann. (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. John Marco Allegro, 1923-1988. (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. John Stephens. (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. John Tait. (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Karl Butzer (1934 - present). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Karl Richard Lepsius, 1810-1884. (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Kathleen Mary Kenyon (1906 - 1978). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Kenk Weeks. (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Leonard Lesko. (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Leonard Woolley (1880 - 1960). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Ludwig Borchardt, 1863-1938. (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Manfred Beitak. (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Patty Jo Watson (1932 - present). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Pierre Montet (1885 - 1966). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Richard Wilkinson. (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Robert Braidwood (1907 - present). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Robert McCormick Adams, 1926-. (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Ruth E. Tringham. (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Sir (Robert Eric) Mortimer Wheeler (1890 - 1976). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Sir Austen Henry Layard (1817 - 1894). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Sir Grafton Elliot Smith (1871 - 1937). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson (1810 - 1895). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Thor Heyerdahl (1914 - present). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Vere Gordon Childe, 1892-1957. (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. William Matthew Flinders Petrie (1854 - 1942). (Article) [more]
Anthropology Biography Web. Zahi Hawass (1947 - present). (Article) [more]
Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig. Ägypten - Augenblicke der Ewigkeit, Unbekannte Schätze aus Schweizer Privatbesitz, 18. März - 13. Juli 1997. (Website) [more]
Antiquity: An International Journal of Expert Archaeology. Home Page of Antiquity: An International Journal of Expert Archaeology. (Journal) [more]
Antonio Peréz Largacha. Atón, Ajenatón y Nefertiti. Algunas reflexiones sobre la religión Amarniense. Ilu - Revista de ciencias de las religiones, 1995. (Article) [more]
Antonio Peréz Largacha. El Mediterráneo Oriental ante la llegada de los Pueblos del Mar. Gérion, 2003. (Article) [more]
APIS: Advanced Papyrological Information System. Columbia University APIS Project. (Website) [more]
APIS: Advanced Papyrological Information System. Duke Papyrus Archives. (Website) [more]
APIS: Advanced Papyrological Information System. Princeton University Library Papyrus Home Page. (Website) [more]
APIS: Advanced Papyrological Information System. The University of Michigan Papyrus Collection. (Website) [more]
APIS: Advanced Papyrological Information System. THE YALE PAPYRUS COLLECTION (P.CtYBR inv.). (Website) [more]
Arab Social Science Research [ASSR] Virtual Library. ASSR''s Virtual Library : Index by topic : Archeology. (Website) [more]
Arabic Program at Penn. Home Page of Arabic Program at Penn. 1994. (Website) [more]
Arav, Rami. Bethsaida Report on the Season of 2003. The Bible and Interpretation, May 2004. (Article) [more]
Arbach, Mounir ; Rémy Crassard; Holger Hitgen; Lamya Khalidi. VERS UNE ARCHEOLOGIE PREVENTIVE AU YEMEN. Chroniques Yéménites 13 (2006) 1-12. (Article) [more]
Arbach, Mounir; Schiettecatte, Jérémie; Ibrahim Al-Had. Collection of Funerary Stelae from the Jawf valley. 2008. (Book) [more]
ARCH-DE. ARCH-DE: Das Diskussionsforum zur deutschsprachigen Archäologie. (Website) [more]
ARCH-L (Archaeology List). ARCH-L (Archaeology List): Archive. (Website) [more]
Archaeologia Books. Home Page of Archaeologia Books. (Website) [more]
Archaeologica. Archaeological News and Information. (Website) [more]
Archaeological and Environmental Investigation of Yemeni Terraced Agriculture. Home Page of Archaeological and Environmental Investigation of Yemeni Terraced Agriculture. (Website) [more]
Archaeological Surveys In Northwestern Fars, Iran. Archaeological Surveys In Northwestern Fars, Iran: 1994-95 Annual Report. 1995. (Article) [more]
Archaeology in Oman. Home Page of Archaeology in Oman. (Website) [more]
Archer, Gleason L. Gleason L. Archer, PhD. (Website) [more]
Archimedia I. Architecture in Ancient Near East. 1996. (Website) [more]
Aren Maeir. Prof./ Department Chair. (Website) [more]
Arethusa. Home Page of Arethusa. (Journal) [more]
ARF Newsletter. Home Page of ARF Newsletter. (Journal) [more]
Arfa'i, Abdol Majid. PT 10a, Collated and Completed. ARTA: Achaemenid Research on Texts and Archaeology. (Article) [more]
Arid Lands Newsletter. Home Page of Arid Lands Newsletter. (Journal) [more]
ARION: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics. Home Page of ARION: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics. (Journal) [more]
Aris & Phillips. Home Page of Aris & Phillips. (Website) [more]
Arkell, A. J.. The Iron Age in Sub-Saharan Africa I: The Iron Age in the Sudan. Current Anthropology, 1966. (Article) [more]
Arkell, A. J~Ucko, Peter J.. Review of Predynastic Development in the Nile Valley. Current Anthropology, 1965. (Article) [more]
Arkenberg, Jerome S [Editor] (Hirth tr. (1885)). Chinese Accounts of Rome, Byzantium and the Middle East, c. 91 B.C.E. - 1643 C.E.. Paul Halsall's East Asian History Sourcebook. (Article) [more]
Arkhipov, Ilya. Index des mots étudiés de ARM XXI. 2009. (Article) [more]
Armenian Research Center. Home Page of Armenian Research Center. (Website) [more]
Arnold, Bill T. Assyriology and Biblical Studies: Time for Reassessment?. The Bible and Interpretation, 2005. (Article) [more]
Arnold, Phillip~Tabor, James. The David Koresh Manuscript: Exposition of the Seven Seals. (Article) [more]
Arnst, Caris-Beatrice. Vernetzung. Zur Symbolik des Mumiennetzes. Internet-Beiträge zur Ägyptologie und Sudanarchäologie: IBAES 1 - Die Aegyptische Mumie - ein Phaenomen der Kulturgeschichte. (Article) [more]
Aro, Sanna; Mattila, Raija. Assyriological Studies in Finland. Proceedings of the Foundation of the Finnish Institute in the Middle East, 2007. (Article) [more]
Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution. Home Page of Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution. (Museum) [more]
Artifax. Home Page of Artifax. (Journal) [more]
Ascot, Jackie. Copts through the Ages. (Article) [more]
Ash, Paul S. David, Solomon and Egypt. (Article) [more]
Ashby, Thomas, 1874-1931; Richmond, Ian Archibald, ed. 1902-. The aqueducts of ancient Rome, by Thomas Ashby; edited by I. A. Richmond.. 2005. (Book) [more]
Asher-Greve, Julia M. Julia M. Asher-Greve. (Website) [more]
Ashmawy, Alaa K.. Alexandria. (Article) [more]
Ashmawy, Alaa K.. Cleopatra, the Last Pharaoh (B.C. 69-30). (Article) [more]