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Tel Rehov. (Website) [more]
Tell Abqa'in. (Website) [more]
Tell Brak. (Website) [more]
Tell el-Amarna : Collection home page. DSpace at Cambridge > Archaeology >. [more]
The Theban Mapping Project. 1997-2002. (Website) [more]
Urkesh. (Website) [more]
Acar, Özgen. Mosaics and heads of statues plundered from Zeugma. Culture without Context, 1999. (Article) [more]
Agcabay, Meltem; Killackey, Katy; Erkal, Aylan; Hastorf, Christine. Macro Botanical Remains. ÇATALHÖYÜK 2001 ARCHIVE REPORT. (Article) [more]
Akkermans, Peter M. M. G~Verhoeven, Marc. Excavations at Tell Sabi Abyad, Northern Syria. (Article) [more]
Alizadeh, Abbas. Excavations at Chogha Bonut: The Eariest Village in Susiana, Iran. The Oriental Institute News and Notes. (Article) [more]
Altaweel, Mark Rafi. The Ancient Conquerors. (Website) [more]
Altaweel, Mark Rafi. The Assyrian Landscape Project. (Website) [more]
Altaweel, Mark Rafi. The Rise of Civilization. (Website) [more]
Ambers, Janet; Simpson, St John. Some pigment identifications for objects from Persepolis. ARTA: Achaemenid Research on Texts and Archaeology. (Article) [more]
Anfruns, Josep; Miquel Molist. PRÁCTICAS FUNERARIAS EN EL NEOLÍTICO DE SIRIA. ANÁLISIS DE LOS DOCUMENTOS DE TELL HALULA (VALLE DEL ÉUFRATES). Sapanu. Publicaciones en Internet II (1998). (Article) [more]
Arav, Rami. Bethsaida Report on the Season of 2003. The Bible and Interpretation, May 2004. (Article) [more]
Assmann, Jan. Preservation and Presentation of Self in Ancient Egyptian Portraiture. Studies in Honor of William Kelly Simpson Volume 1, pp. 55–81. Edited by Peter Der Manuelian. Boston: Department of Ancient Egyptian, Nubian, and Near Eastern Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 1996. (Article) [more]
Atalay, Sonya. BACH Area Clay balls, Mini balls and Geometric Objects. ÇATALHÖYÜK 2001 ARCHIVE REPORT. (Article) [more]
Atalay, Sonya. Clay Balls and Objects. ÇATALHÖYÜK 2000 ARCHIVE REPORT. (Article) [more]
Banks, Edgar James. Bismya or The Lost City of Adab. ETANA, 1912. (Book) [more]
Bárta, Miroslav. 2002-. (Website) [more]
Bates, Oric. Sculptures from the Excavations at Giza, 1905–1906. Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 5, No. 26 (June 1907), pp. 20–21. (Article) [more]
Baysal, Adnan. Ground Stone Report. ÇATALHÖYÜK 2004 ARCHIVE REPORT. (Article) [more]
Beech, M. "Preliminary report on the faunal remains from an 'Ubaid settlement on Dalma island, United Arab Emirates". In: M. Mashkour, A.M. Choyke, H. Buitenhuis and F. Poplin (eds.), Archaeozoology of the Near East IV: Volume B - Proceedings of the fourth international symposium on the archaeozoology of southwestern Asia and adjacent areas. ARC Publicatie 32. Groningen, Netherlands. pp.68-78. (Chapter) [more]
Benedettucci, Francesco Maria. Tell Al-Mashhad. [more]
Berg, Lennart. The Salvage of the Abou Simbel temple. Monumentum, 1978. (Article) [more]
Bessac, J.-C.; Boucharlat, R. Le monument de Takht-e Rustam, près de Persépolis dit “tombeau inachevé de Cambyse” : Note technique et reconsidérations. ARTA: Achaemenid Research on Texts and Archaeology. (Article) [more]
Blau, S. and Beech, M. "One woman and her dog: An Umm an-Nar example from the United Arab Emirates". In: Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy 10: 34-42. (Chapter) [more]
Bolshakov, Andrey. What Did the Bust of Ankh-haf Originally Look Like. Journal of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 3 (1991), pp. 4–14. (Article) [more]
Bothmer, Bernard V. Notes on the Mycerinus Triad. Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 48, No. 271 (February 1950), pp. 10–17. (Article) [more]
Bothmer, Bernard V. A Wooden Statue of Dynasty VI. Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 46, No. 264 (June 1948), pp. 30–36. (Article) [more]
Braidwood, L. S.; Braidwood, R. J.; B. Howe, C. A. Reed, and P. J. Watson. Prehistoric Archeology Along the Zagros Flanks. 1983. (Book) [more]
Braidwood, Robert J. Letters from the Field, 1950-1951: Excavations at Jarmo. The Oriental Institute News and Notes. (Article) [more]
Brovarski, Edward. An Inventory List from "Covington's Tomb" and Nomenclature for Furniture in the Old Kingdom. Studies in Honor of William Kelly Simpson I, pp. 117–155. Edited by Peter Der Manuelian. Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1996. (Article) [more]
Bruins, Hendrik J.; van der Plicht, Johannes ; Mazar, Amihai. 14C Dates from Tel Rehov: Iron-Age Chronology, Pharaohs, and Hebrew Kings. Science 300, No. 5617 (11 April 2003), 315-318, 2001. (Article) [more]
Bruins, Hendrik J.; van der Plicht, Johannes ; Mazar, Amihai. Response to Comment on "14C Dates from Tel Rehov: Iron-Age Chronology, Pharaohs, and Hebrew Kings". Science 302 (24 October 2003), 568c, 2003. (Article) [more]
Bruins, H.J.; van der Plicht, J.; Mazar, A.; Bronk Ramsey, C.; Manning, S. W. The Groningen Radiocarbon Series from Tel Rehov: OxCal Bayesian computations for the Iron IB-IIA boundary and the Iron IIA destruction events. T.E. Levy and Higham. T. (eds), The Bible and Radiocarbon Dating. Archaeology, Text and Science. Equinox. London. Oakville, Pp. 271-293, 2005. (Article) [more]
Buccellati, Giorgio. Beyond clay and beyond paper: The Urkesh digital project spends a study season in the Fowler. Backdirt: The newsletter of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA.. (Article) [more]
Buccellati, Giorgio. "The Discovery of Ancient Urkesh and the Question of Meaning in Archaeology". UCLA: 86th Faculty Research Lecture, 1999. (Presentation) [more]
Buccellati, Giorgio. The Royal Palace at Urkesh: Report on the 12th Season at Tell mozan / Urkesh: Excavations in Area AA, June-October 1999. Mitteilungen der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft zu Berlin (MDOG), 1999. (Article) [more]
Buccellati, Giorgio. Tell Mozan: Spritisme à la Hourrite. Le Monde de la Bible. (Article) [more]
Buccellati, Giorgio [Editor]. Urkesh: A Digital Library. (Website) [more]
Buccellati, Giorgio [Editor]. Urkesh: An Overview. (Website) [more]
Buccellati, Giorgio; Bonetti, Sophie. Conservation at the Core of Archaeological Strategy: The Case of Ancient Urkesh at Tell Mozan. Getty Conservation Institute Newsletter, 2003. (Article) [more]
Cagle, Anthony J. 1994 Fayum Project. (Website) [more]