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ABZU Search Results (1952)

Uphill, Eric P. Egyptian Towns and Cities. 1988. (Book) [more]
van Buren, E. Douglas. Foundation Figurines and Offerings. 1931. (Book) [more]
Vanderpool, Eugene [Festschrift]. Studies in Attic epigraphy, history, and topography : presented to Eugene Vanderpool. Google Books, 1982. (Book) [more]
Vermeersch, P.; Gautier, A.; Gullentops, Frans; Demuynck, M.A. Elkab II - L’Elkabien, épipaléolithique de la vallée du Nil égyptien. 1978. (Book) [more]
Verreth, H. A survey of toponyms in Egypt in the Graeco-Roman period, Version 1.0 (September 2008). Trismegistos Online Publications (TOP), Sep-08. (Book) [more]
Vierck, Sigrid. Die Aigis : zu Typologie und Ikonographie eines mythischen Gegenstandes. Propylaeum-DOK: Publikationsplatform Altertumswissenschaft, 1991. (Book) [more]
Villing, Alexandra Claudia. The Iconography of Athena in Attic Vase-painting from 440–370 BC. Propylaeum-DOK: Publikationsplatform Altertumswissenschaft, 1992. (Book) [more]
Vitelli, K. D. Lerna V: The Neolithic Pottery from Lerna. 2007. (Book) [more]
Vlachos, Manolis. Louis Dupré. 1994. (Book) [more]
Vogeikoff-Brogan, Natalia; Vassilis Spanos (eds.). Greece in the '20s & '30s: Through the Lense of Dorothy Burr Thompson. 2008. (Book) [more]
Volney, Constantin François de Chasseboeuf (1757-1820 ; comte de). Voyage en Syrie et en Egypte, pendant les années 1783, 1874 et 1785.... Gallica. (Book) [more]
Waddell, Helen, (tr.). The desert fathers. (Book) [more]
Walker, Cheryl. Hostages in Republican Rome. 2005. (Book) [more]
Walshaw, Sarah Catherine. Reconstruction of environment in early Bronze Age Syria through phytolith analysis on human dental calculus. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [2001]. (Book) [more]
Wang, Helen; Perkins, John [Editors]. Handbook to the collections of Sir Aurel Stein in the UK. 2008. (Book) [more]
Ward, William Hayes. The seal cylinders of western Asia. ETANA, 1910. (Book) [more]
Warren, Charles and Claude Reigner Conder. The Survey of Western Palestine [1886]. 1886. (Book) [more]
Watt, W. Montgomery. Muhammad: Prophet and Statesman. 1961. (Book) [more]
Weidner, Ernst F. (Ernst Friedrich). Assyriologie 1914-1922. ETANA, 1922. (Book) [more]
Weigall, Arthur Edward Pearse Brome, 1880-1934. The life and times of Akhnaton, Pharaoh of Egypt. 2007. (Book) [more]
Weigall, Arthur Edward Pearse Brome, 1880-1934. The life and times of Cleopatra, queen of Egypt; a study in the origin of the Roman empire. 2005. (Book) [more]
Weissbach, F. H. Inschriften Nebukadnezars II. im Wadi Brisa und am Nahr el-Kelb. ETANA, 1906. (Book) [more]
Weissbach, F. H. (Franz Heinrich), comp. Keilinschriften der Achämeniden. ETANA, 1911. (Book) [more]
Weissbach, Franz Heinrich. Babylonische Miscellen. ETANA, 1903. (Book) [more]
Wellhausen, Julius. Prolegomena to the History of Israel. (Book) [more]
Wellhausen, Julius. Prolegomena zur geschichte Israels. (Book) [more]
Wells, Bryan. An introduction to Indus writing. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, 1999]. (Book) [more]
West, E. W.. Sad Dar. 1885. (Book) [more]
Westerburg, Jörg. The Reconstruction of the Northeast Building at Pylos. HeiDok, 2003. (Book) [more]
Westerburg-Eberl, Sabine. "Minoische Villen" in der Neupalastzeit auf Kreta. HeiDok, 2003. (Book) [more]
Westerman, W. L. Slave Systems of Greek and Roman Antiquity. 2006. (Book) [more]
Whelpton, Eric; Whelpton, Barbara. Greece and the islands. (Book) [more]
Whibley, Leonard. Greek Oligarchies: Their Character and Organisation. The Ancient Library. (Book) [more]
White, Shawn Patrick. Lawsuit genre on trial: presence and function of lawsuit genre in Isaiah 40-48. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, 2000]. (Book) [more]
Whiteley, Rebekah, 1972-. Courtesans and kings : ancient Greek perspectives on the hetairai. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, 2001. (Book) [more]
Whiting, Robert M, Jr. Old Babylonian Letters from Tell Asmar. 1987. (Book) [more]
Wiegand, Theodor. Bronzefigur einer Spinnerin im Antiquarium der Koeniglichen Museen. Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, 1913. (Book) [more]
Wiegand, Theodor. Dritter vorläufiger Bericht über die von den Königlichen Museen begonnenen Ausgrabungen in Milet (Sitzungsberichte der Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften ; 1904,3). Sonderausg. aus: Sitzungsberichte der Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften ; 1904,3, 1904. (Book) [more]
Wiegand, Theodor (Hrsg.). Bericht ueber die Ausgrabungen in Pergamon 1927. 1928. (Book) [more]
Wiegand, Theodor (Hrsg.). Milet: Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen und Untersuchungen seit dem Jahre 1899. 1913, 1914, 1929. (Book) [more]
Wiegand, Theodor (Hrsg.). Palmyra - Ergebnisse der Expeditionen von 1902 und 1917. 1932. (Book) [more]
Wilcken, Ulrich. Die griechischen Papyrusurkunden. 1897. (Book) [more]
Wilkins, Louisa Jebb. By Desert Ways to Baghdad. (Book) [more]
Wilkinson, John Gardner, Sir, 1797-1875. A popular account of the ancient Egyptians, volume I. 2005. (Book) [more]
Wilkinson, John Gardner, Sir, 1797-1875. A popular account of the ancient Egyptians, volume II. 2005. (Book) [more]
Williams, Bruce B. Archaeology and Historical Problems of the Second Intermediate Period. The Oriental Institute Research Archives, 1975. (Book) [more]
Williams, Ronald J. The Giessen Coptic Texts. Kurzberichte aus den Giessener Papyrussammlungen, 2003. (Book) [more]
Williamson, C. N.; Williamson, A. M. It Happened in Egypt. Project Gutenberg Release, 2006. (Book) [more]
Wilson, Charles W.. Ordinance Survey of Jerusalem. 1886. (Book) [more]
Winckelmann, Johann Joachim. Geschichte der Kunst des Alterthums. (Book) [more]
Winckler, Hugo. Geschichte Babyloniens und Assyriens. ETANA, 1892. (Book) [more]
Winckler, Hugo (ed). Sammlung von Keilschrifttexten. Bd. 1-3. ETANA, 1893. (Book) [more]
Winckler, Hugo, 1863-1913. Sammlung von Keilschrifttexten. Bd. 1: Die Inschriften Tiglat-Pilesers. Göttinger Digitalisierungszentrum. (Book) [more]
Winckler, Hugo, 1863-1913; Craig, James Alexander,; 1885- ; ed. and tr.. The history of Babylonia and Assyria. Göttinger Digitalisierungszentrum. (Book) [more]
Winlock, Herbert E. The Treasure of El Lahun. 1934. (Book) [more]