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Schmidt, Erich F., with contributions by Sydney P. Noe et al., Frederick R. Matson, Lawrence J. Howell, and Louisa Bellinger. Persepolis III: The Royal Tombs and Other Monuments. 1970. (Book) [more]
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Smith, Adam T., Ruben S. Badalyan, Pavel Avetisyan, with contributions by Alan Greene and Leah Minc. The Archaeology and Geography of Ancient Transcaucasian Societies, Volume 1. The Foundations of Research and Regional Survey in the Tsaghkahovit Plain, Armenia. 2009. (Book) [more]
Sommerfeld, Walter; Archi, Alfonso; Weiss, Harvey. "Why 'Dada Measured 40,000 Liters of Barley from Nagar for Sippar': Tell Leilan Project Poster Presentations". 4ICAANE Berlin March 29-April 3, 2004. (Presentation) [more]
Soutzo, M.-G. [and others]. Recherches archéologiques: quatrieme série. Internet Archive, 1911. (Book) [more]
Steel, Louise. Arediou-Vouppes , Cyprus. 2007. (Website) [more]
Stein, Gil J. Hacinebi Archaeological Excavations. (Website) [more]
Stevanovic, Mirjana; Tringham, Ruth. The Excavation of the BACH 1 Area. ÇATALHÖYÜK 2000 ARCHIVE REPORT. (Article) [more]
Stevanovic, Mirjana; Tringham, Ruth. The Excavation of the BACH 1 Area, 2001. ÇATALHÖYÜK 2001 ARCHIVE REPORT. (Article) [more]
Strange, James F. Sepphoris. (Article) [more]
Stuart, Barbara ; Curvers, Hans. The Iron Age cemetery in BEY 018. (Article) [more]
Summers, Geoffrey D.; Summers, Françoise. "The Kerkenes Dag Project". Ancient Anatolia: Fifty Years’ Work by the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara, 1998. (Chapter) [more]
Summers, Geoffrey; Summers, Françoise. The Kerkenes Project: A Preliminary Report of the 2003 Season. 2003. (Website) [more]
Sundstedt, Veronica; Chalmers, Alan; Martinez, Philippe. High Fidelity Reconstruction of the Ancient Egyptian Temple of Kalabsha. In: Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on Computer graphics, virtual reality, visualisation and interaction in Africa (AFRIGRAPH '04), Stellenbosch, South Africa, November 3-5, 2004, pp. 107-113, ACM SIGGRAPH, November 2004. (Book) [more]
Swogger, John-Gordon. Archaeological Illustration. ÇATALHÖYÜK 2000 ARCHIVE REPORT. (Article) [more]
Swogger, John-Gordon. Archaeological Illustration 2001. ÇATALHÖYÜK 2001 ARCHIVE REPORT. (Article) [more]
Thewalt, Volker. Afghanistan 1969-1974. (Website) [more]
Thorpe, R. Which Way Is Up? Context Formation & Transformation: The Life and Deaths of a Hot Bath In Beirut. assemblage: the sheffield graduate journal of archaeology, 1998. (Article) [more]
Van der Plicht, J.; Bruins, H, J.. Quality Control of Groningen 14C Results from Tel Rehov: Repeatability and intercomparison of Proportional Gas Counting and AMS. T.E. Levy and Higham. T. (eds), The Bible and Radiocarbon Dating. Archaeology, Text and Science. Equinox. London. Oakville, Pp. 256-270, 2005. (Article) [more]
Wåhlin, Lars. "The Family Cistern: 3,000 Years of Household Water Collection in Jordan". The third Nordic conference on Middle Eastern Studies: Ethnic encounter and culture change, Joensuu, Finland, 19-22 June 1995. (Presentation) [more]
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Weiss, Harvey, M.A. Courty, W. Wellerstrom, F. Guichard, L. Senior, R. Meadow, and A. Currow. The genesis and collapse of Third Millennium north Mesopotamian Civilization. Science, 291: 995-1088, 1993. (Article) [more]
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Weiss, Harvey; Ginger Booth. ArchaeoSim v3.0. 2003. (Website) [more]
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Wendrich, Willeke. Basketry. ÇATALHÖYÜK 2000 ARCHIVE REPORT. (Article) [more]
Wenke, Robert J.; Cagle, Anthony J. Kom el-Hisn Monograph Project. (Website) [more]
Whitcomb, Donald S. Aqaba/Ayla: Excavating For The Future. The Oriental Institute News and Notes. (Article) [more]
Whitcomb, Donald S. Discovering A New City In Syria: Hadir Qinnasrin 1998. The Oriental Institute News and Notes. (Article) [more]
Whitcomb, Donald S. Letter From The Field: In Search Of Lost Mar'ash. The Oriental Institute News and Notes. (Article) [more]
Whitcomb, Donald S. Reconnaissance In Aqaba. The Oriental Institute News and Notes. (Article) [more]
Whitcomb, Donald S. Water And Gold: The 1989 Season At Aqaba. The Oriental Institute News and Notes. (Article) [more]
Whitcomb, Donald S. Water And Recent Excavations At Aqaba. The Oriental Institute News and Notes. (Article) [more]
Wilkinson, Tony. Oriental Institute Dhamar Project - Notes On The 1996 Field Season. The Oriental Institute News and Notes. (Article) [more]
Wilkinson, Tony J. Alalakh: A Late Bronze Age Capital In The Amuq Valley, Southern Turkey. The Oriental Institute News and Notes. (Article) [more]
Wise, Michael O. Methods Of Investigation Of The Dead Sea Scrolls And The Khirbet Qumran Site - A Conference Report. The Oriental Institute News and Notes. (Article) [more]
Yasur-Landau, Assaf; Cline, Eric H. Preliminary Report on the Results of the 2008 Excavation Season at Tel Kabri. 2008. (Article) [more]
Yasur-Landau, Assaf; Cline, Eric H. Preliminary Report on the Results of the 2009 Excavation Season at Tel Kabri. 2009. (Article) [more]
Yasur-Landau, Assaf; Cline, Eric H. Results of the 2007 Season Kabri Archaeological Project (KAP). 2007. (Article) [more]
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Yener, K. Aslihan. Managing Metals: An Early Bronze Age Tin Production Site At Göltepe, Turkey. The Oriental Institute News and Notes. (Article) [more]
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Yeomans, Lisa. Faunal Remains from the BACH Area. ÇATALHÖYÜK 2001 ARCHIVE REPORT. (Article) [more]
Zajonz, U., M. Beech and A.C. Gill. "Fishes of sabkha-related habitats". In: H-J. Barth and B. Böer (eds.), Sabkha Ecosystems - Volume I: The Arabian Peninsula and Adjacent Countries. Tasks for Vegetation Sciences Vol 36. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht. Hardbound, ISBN 1-4020-0504-0. (Chapter) [more]
Zettler, Richard L. Nippur, Volume 3: Kassite Buildings in Area WC-1. 1993. (Book) [more]
Zorn, Jeffrey. The Tell en-Nasbeh Research Project. 1999. (Website) [more]