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ABZU Search Results (2032)

Dougherty, Raymond Philip. Archives from Erech; time of Nebuchadrezzar and Nabonidus. ETANA, 1923. (Book) [more]
Dougherty, Raymond Philip. Records from Erech, time of Nabonidus (555-538 BC). ETANA, 1920. (Book) [more]
Doyle, Gregory Ross, 1972-. The concept and practice of prayer in Tertullian's De Oratione and Origen's Peri Euches. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [2001]. (Book) [more]
Draycott, Catherine M.; Summers, Geoffrey D., with contribution by Claude Brixhe and Turkish summary translated by G. Bike Yazıcıoğlu. Kerkenes Special Studies 1: Sculpture and Inscriptions from the Monumental Entrance to the Palatial Complex at Kerkenes Dag, Turkey. 2007. (Book) [more]
Du Camp, Maxime. Le Nil. Gallica, 1997. (Book) [more]
Du Camp, Maxime. Mémoires d'un suicidé. Gallica, 1997. (Book) [more]
Duff Gordon, Lucie Lady (1821-1869). Letters from Egypt, 1863-65. Million Book Project. (Book) [more]
Duff Gordon, Lucie, Lady, 1821-1869. Letters From Egypt, 1863-65 [Electronic Version]. 2005. (Book) [more]
Dumont, Albert; Chaplain, Jules. Céramiques de la Grèce propre : vases peints et terres cuites. Première partie : vases peints. Bibliothèque numérique de la Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée. (Book) [more]
Dupras, Tosha Lea. Dining in the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt : determination of diet using documents and stable isotope analysis. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [2002]. (Book) [more]
Dupree, Louis, 1925-. Deh Morasi Ghundai: a chalcolithic site in south-central Afghanistan. Anthropological papers of the AMNH, 2005. (Book) [more]
Dupree, Louis, 1925-. Shamshir Ghar: historic cave site in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. Anthropological papers of the AMNH, 2005. (Book) [more]
Durm, Josef. Die Baukunst der Etrusker, die Baukunst der Römer. Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, 1885. (Book) [more]
Durm, Josef. Die Baukunst der Griechen. Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, 1881. (Book) [more]
Ebeling, Erich. Keilschrifttexte aus Assur religiösen Inhalts, Erster Band: autographien. ETANA, 1919. (Book) [more]
Ebeling, Erich. Keilschrifttexte aus Assur religiösen Inhalts, Viertes Heft. ETANA, 1919. (Book) [more]
Ebeling, Erich. Keilschrifttexte aus Assur religiösen Inhalts, Zweiter Band (Hefts Funftes-Neuntes). ETANA, 1919. (Book) [more]
Eberhart, Hermann. Literarische Stücke (P. bibl. univ. Giss. 34-35). Mitteilungen aus der Papyrussammlung der Giessener Universitätsibibliothek, 2003. (Book) [more]
Ebers, Georg. An Egyptian Princess. Project Gutenberg. (Book) [more]
Ebers, Georg. Uarda: A Romance of Ancient Egpyt. Project Gutenberg. (Book) [more]
Ebers, Georg (Festschrift). Aegyptiaca. Festschrift für Georg Ebers zum 1. März 1897. 2007. (Book) [more]
Edgerton, William F. The Thutmosid Succession. 1936. (Book) [more]
Edgerton, William F.; and Wilson, John A. Historical Records of Ramses III: The Texts in Medinet Habu Volumes 1 and 2. 1936. (Book) [more]
Edwards, Amelia B. A Thousand Miles up the Nile. 1888. (Book) [more]
Edwards, Amelia B.. Pharaohs Fellahs and Explorers. 1891. (Book) [more]
Edwards, G. M. An English-Greek Lexicon. The Ancient Library. (Book) [more]
Egea Vivancos, Alejandro. Poblamiento romano en el Alto Éufrates Sirio. 2008. (Book) [more]
Eisner , Leonhardus (Leonhard Eisner). Epistolae privatae graecae. Papyri Iandanae, 2003. (Book) [more]
Eiteljorg, Harrison, II, with GIS chapter by W. Fredrick Limp. Archaeological Computing. 2008. (Book) [more]
Elias, Amira. The comparative textual study of the Abraham story in the Bible and the Quran. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [2000]. (Book) [more]
ElSebaie, Sherine M. (Sherine Mamdouh). The destiny of the world : a study on the end of the universe in the light of ancient Egyptian texts. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [2001]. (Book) [more]
Emard, J.-M. (Joseph-Médard), 1853-1927. Souvenirs d'un voyage en Terre-Sainte. (Book) [more]
Emberling, Geoff; Hanson, Katharyn [editors]. Catastrophe! The Looting and Destruction of Iraq’s Past. 2008. (Book) [more]
Engelbach, Reginald; Murray, Margaret Alice; Petrie, Hilda Ulrin; Petrie, W. M. Flinders. Riqqeh and Memphis VI. ETANA, 1915. (Book) [more]
Englund, Bob; Jagersma, Bram. Texts from: Hartmut Waetzoldt und Fatma Yildiz,. (Book) [more]
The Epigraphic Survey in Cooperation with The Department of Antiquities of Egypt. The Tomb of Kheruef: Theban Tomb 192, The Epigraphic Survey, The Oriental Institute Of The University of Chicago.. 1980. (Book) [more]
Erman, Adolf. Aegypten und aegyptisches Leben im Altertum. ETANA, 1885. (Book) [more]
Erman, Adolf. Aegyptische Chrestomathie. 1904. (Book) [more]
Erman, Adolf. Agyptische Religion. ETANA, 1909. (Book) [more]
Erman, Adolf. Handbook of Egyptian religion. With 130 illustrations. ETANA, 1907. (Book) [more]
Ernest de Sarzac; F. Thureau-Dangin. Les cylindres de Goudéa découverts. ETANA, 1925. (Book) [more]
Eschyle (Expliquée en Français...par Fl. Lécluse... Paris, MDCCCXL). Perse. (Book) [more]
Evans, Arthur J. The Palace of Minos. 2005. (Book) [more]
Evelyn-White, Hugh G. [translated by ]; Killings, Douglas B. [edited by]. Hesiod, The Homeric Hymns, and Homerica. (Book) [more]
Evetts, B. T. A. (Basil Thomas Alfred). Inscriptions of the reigns of Evil-Merodach (B.C. 562-559) ; Neriglissar (B.C. 559-555) and Laborosoarchod (B.C. 555). ETANA, 1892. (Book) [more]
Fairservis, Walter Ashlin, 1921-. Archaeological studies in the Seistan Basin of southwestern Afghanistan and eastern Iran. Anthropological papers of the AMNH, 2005. (Book) [more]
Fairservis, Walter Ashlin, 1921-. Archaeological surveys in the Zhob and Loralai districts, West Pakistan. Anthropological papers of the AMNH, 2005. (Book) [more]
Fairservis, Walter Ashlin, 1921-. Excavations in the Quetta Valley, west Pakistan. Anthropological papers of the AMNH, 2005. (Book) [more]
Fairservis, Walter Ashlin, 1921-. The Harappan civilization : new evidence and more theory. American Museum novitates ; no. 1587, 2005. (Book) [more]
Fairservis, Walter Ashlin, 1921-. The origin, character, and decline of an early civilization. American Museum novitates ; no. 1587, 2005. (Book) [more]
Fairservis, Walter Ashlin, 1921-. Preliminary report on the prehistoric archaeology of the Afghan-Baluchi areas. American Museum novitates ; no. 1587, 2005. (Book) [more]
Fast, Kerry Louane. Seeing through western eyes : a study of three women's Holy Land travel narratives. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [2000]. (Book) [more]
Feasby, Rebecca Susanne Godkin. Stable isotope evidence for dietary patterns and environmental conditions at Tell Leilan, Syria, ca. 1900-2900 B.C.. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [1999]. (Book) [more]
Fechheimer, Hedwig. Kleinplastik der Ägypter. (Book) [more]
Feldherr, Andrew. Spectacle and Society in Livy's History. 1995. (Book) [more]
Ferreira, Andriette. The legal rights of the women of ancient Egypt. 2004. (Book) [more]
Figulla, H. H., Forrer E., Weidner, E.F. Keilschrifttexte aus Boghazkoi: Erster bis Viertes Heft. ETANA, 1923. (Book) [more]
Figulla, H. H., ed. Altbabylonische Verträge. ETANA, 1914. (Book) [more]