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ABZU Search Results (1952)

Hentrich, Thomas. Die Kritik Hoseas an der kanaanäishchen Religion: eine redaktionsgeschichtliche Analyse. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [2001]. (Book) [more]
Hermann, Gottfried; Creuzer; Friedrich. Briefe über Homer und Hesiodus, vorzüglich über die Theogonie. 2006. (Book) [more]
Herzfeld, Ernst E. A New Inscription of Xerxes from Persepolis. 1932. (Book) [more]
Heskett, Randall. Messianism within the book of Isaiah as a whole. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [2001]. (Book) [more]
Hesse, Katrin. Kindsmord und Wahnsinn: Untersuchungen zur Überlieferung mordender Eltern in der Antike. Propylaeum-DOK: Publikationsplatform Altertumswissenschaft, 2006. (Book) [more]
Hill, H. D., Th. Jacobsen, and P. Delougaz, with contributions by T. A. Holland and A. McMahon. Old Babylonian Public Buildings in the Diyala Region. Part One: Excavations at Ishchali, Part Two: Khafajah Mounds B, C, and D. 1990. (Book) [more]
Hiller von Gaertringen, Friedrich; Lattermann, Heinrich. Hira und Andania. Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, 1911. (Book) [more]
Hilprecht, H. V. (Hermann Vollrat). Mathematical, meteorological and chronological tablets from the Temple library of Nippur. ETANA, 1906. (Book) [more]
Hilprecht, H. V. (Hermann Vollrat). Explorations in Bible lands during the 19th century. ETANA, 1903. (Book) [more]
Hilprecht, H. V., and A. T. Clay. Business documents of Murashû sons of Nippur dated in the reign of Artaxerxes I. (464-424 BC). ETANA, 1898. (Book) [more]
Hilprecht, H.V. The Earliest Version of the Babylonian Deluge Story. ETANA, 1910. (Book) [more]
Hilprecht, H.V. Old babylonian inscriptions, chiefly from Nippur, part II Plates 36-70 and XVI-XXX. ETANA, 1896. (Book) [more]
Hilprecht, H.V. Old babylonian inscriptions,chiefly from Nippur , pt 1. Plates 1-35 and I-XV. ETANA, 1893. (Book) [more]
Hilzheimer, Max, translated by Adolph A. Brux. Animal Remains from Tell Asmar. 1941. (Book) [more]
Hinke, William John. New boundary stone of Nebuchadrezzar I. from Nippur with a concordance of proper names and a glossary of the kudurru inscriptions thus far published. ETANA, 1907. (Book) [more]
Hinke, William John. Selected Babylonian kudurru inscriptions. 1911. (Book) [more]
Hoenshel, Elmer U. My Three Days In Gilead. Project Gutenberg. (Book) [more]
Hogarth, D, G. The Ancient East. Project Gutenberg Release #7474 (February 2005). (Book) [more]
Holma, Harri. Omen texts from Babylonian tablets in the British Museum, concerning birds and other portents. I. Texts. ETANA, 1923. (Book) [more]
Holma, Harri, ed. and tr. Zehn altbabylonische tontafeln in Helsingfors. ETANA, 1914. (Book) [more]
Hölscher, Uvo. Excavations at Ancient Thebes, 1930/31. 1932. (Book) [more]
Hölscher, Uvo; Borchardt, Ludwig; Steindorff, Georg. Grabdenkmal des königs Chephren. ETANA, 1912. (Book) [more]
Horejs, Barbara; Pavúk, Peter. Aegeo-Balkan Prehistory. (Book) [more]
How, W. W. ; Wells, J.. A Commentary on Herodotus. Perseus. (Book) [more]
Hrozny, Friedrich. Keilschrifttexte aus Boghazkoi funftes und sechstes Heft. ETANA, 1921. (Book) [more]
Hughes, George. Saite Demotic Land Leases. 1952. (Book) [more]
Hummel, Johann. Griechische Wirtschaftsrechnungen und Verwandtes. Papyri Iandanae, 2003. (Book) [more]
Hyman, Avi Jacob. The history of H-Judaic [microform] : an Internet-based network for post-secondary Jewish studies. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [2001]. (Book) [more]
Højte, Jakob Munk ; Pia Guldager Bilde [Eds.]. Mennesker og guder ved Sortehavets kyster. 2004. (Book) [more]
Højte, Jakob Munk [Ed.]. Mithradates VI af Pontos. Roms perfekte fjende. 2005. (Book) [more]
Ibn Wahshiyah, Ahmad ibn `Ali, 9th cent.; Hammer-Purgstall, Joseph,; Freiherr von,; 1774-1856.. Ancient alphabets and hieroglyphic characters explained : with an account of the Egyptian priests, their classes, initiation, and sacrifices. (Book) [more]
Irwin, Brian Paul. Baal and Yahweh in the Old Testament : a fresh examination of the biblical and extra-biblical data. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [2000]. (Book) [more]
Jabali, Fu'ad. A study of the Companions of the Prophet : geographical distribution and political alignments. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [2001]. (Book) [more]
Jacobsen, Thorkild, and Seton Lloyd. Sennacherib’s Aqueduct at Jerwan. 1935. (Book) [more]
Jagersma, Abraham Hendrik. A descriptive grammar of Sumerian. 2010. (Book) [more]
Jagersma, Bram. Text: Gudea Statue B. (Book) [more]
Jagersma, Bram. Texts: Gudea Statue A, C-AA. (Book) [more]
Jastrow, Marcus. Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic literature. Volume 1. ETANA, 1903. (Book) [more]
Jastrow, Marcus. Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic literature. Volume 2. ETANA, 1903. (Book) [more]
Jastrow, Morris. Religion of Babylonia and Assyria. ETANA, 1898. (Book) [more]
Jean, Charles-Francois. Contrats de Larsa, premiere serie. ETANA, 1926. (Book) [more]
Jean, Charles-Francois. Contrats de Larsa, seconde serie. ETANA, 1926. (Book) [more]
Jean, Charles-Francois. Šumer et Akkad ; contribution à l'histoire de la civilisation dans la Basse-Mésopotamie. ETANA, 1923. (Book) [more]
Jéquier, G. [and others]. Recherches archéologiques: troisieme série. Internet Archive, 1905. (Book) [more]
Jéquier, Gustave. Le papyrus Prisse et ses variantes. Propylaeum-DOK, 1911. (Book) [more]
Jessup, Henry Harris, 1832-1910. ; Riley, Isaac. Syrian Home Life. CWRU Preservation Department Digital Library, 1874. (Book) [more]
Johnson, Janet H. The Demotic Verbal System. 1976, 2004. (Book) [more]