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Cuneiforme. 2001. (Website) [more]
Basello, Gian Pietro. Elam between Assyriology and Iranian Studies. Fourth Annual Meeting of Melammu, The Intellectual Heritage of Assyria and Babylonia in East and West, Schools of Oriental Studies and the Development of Modern Historiography. (Article) [more]
Basello, Gian Pietro. The Elamite Spellings of Old Persian Month-Names. Lecture given at the 5th European Conference of Iranian Studies, Societas Iranologica Europea, Ravenna, 2000. (Article) [more]
Basello, Gian Pietro. Lankelli 2: A Database for Elamite Month-Names. 2003. (Website) [more]
Basello, Gian Pietro. Lankelli: A Database for Elamite Month-Names. 2000. (Website) [more]
Basello, Gian Pietro. Quando l'Elamico si chiamava 'Scitico'. Lezione per il corso di Iranistica del prof. Paolo Ognibene presso il Dipartimento di Studi Linguistici e Orientali dell'Università di Bologna il giorno 15 aprile 2004, 2000. (Article) [more]
Cameron, George G. Persepolis Treasury Tablets. 1948. (Book) [more]
Dahl, J. Proto-Elamite Sign Frequencies. Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin (CDLB), 2001. (Article) [more]
Darius I, King of Persia, 548-485 B.C. ; King, L. W.; 1869-1919. ; (Leonard William),; Thompson, R. Campbell; 1876-1941. ; (Reginald Campbell),; Budge, E. A. Wallis; Sir,; 1857-1934 ; (Ernest Alfred Wallis). The Sculptures and Inscription of Darius The Great on the Rock of Behistun in Persia. 1907. (Book) [more]
Englund, Robert K. The State of Decipherment of Proto-Elamite. (Article) [more]
Hallock, Richard T. Selected Fortification Texts. Cahiers de la DAFI. (Article) [more]
Jones, Charles Ellwood; and others. Persepolis Fortification Archive Project. (Blog) [more]
Paper, Herbert H. (Herbert Harry), 1925-. The phonology and morphology of royal Achaemenid Elamite. Hathi Trust Digital Library, 1955. (Book) [more]
Quintana Cifuentes, Enrique. Elamita. (Website) [more]
Scheil, Vincent. Textes Èlamites-Sémitiques, 5. série. Internet Archive, 1913. (Book) [more]
Scheil, Vincent. Textes élamites-anzanites : deuxieme série. Internet Archive, 1904. (Book) [more]
Scheil, Vincent. Textes élamites-anzanites : première série.. Internet Archive, 1901. (Book) [more]
Scheil, Vincent. Textes élamites-anzanites : quatrieme série. Internet Archive, 1908. (Book) [more]
Scheil, Vincent. Textes élamites-anzanites : quatrieme série. Internet Archive, 1911. (Book) [more]
Scheil, Vincent. Textes élamites-anzanites : troisieme série. Internet Archive, 1907. (Book) [more]
Scheil, Vincent. Textes élamites-seemitiques : troisieme série. Internet Archive, 1905. (Book) [more]
Stolper, Matthew W. Persepolis Fortification Archive Project Annual Report 2006-2007. Persepolis Fortification Archive Project, 2007. (Article) [more]
Stolper, Matthew W. Persepolis Fortification Archive Project Annual Report 2007-2008. Persepolis Fortification Archive Project, 2008. (Article) [more]