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Abstracta Iranica. (Journal) [more]
National Museum of Iran. 2002. (Website) [more]
Pars Times. (Website) [more]
Persepolis. 2003. (Website) [more]
Silk Road Atlas. Silk Road Seattle. (Website) [more]
Jursa, Michael. Patronage in Babylonien im sechsten Jahrhundert v. Chr.. ARTA: Achaemenid Research on Texts and Archaeology, 2011. (Article) [more]
Alizadeh, Abbas. Excavations at Chogha Bonut: The Eariest Village in Susiana, Iran. The Oriental Institute News and Notes. (Article) [more]
Alizadeh, Abbas, with contributions by M. Kimiaie, M. Mashkour, and N. F. Miller. The Origins of State Organizations in Prehistoric Highland Fars, Southern Iran: Excavations at Tall-e Bakun. 2006. (Book) [more]
Alvarez-Mon, Javier. Imago Mundi :Cosmological and Ideological Aspects of the Arjan Bowl. Sous-presse dans Iranica Antiqua. (Article) [more]
Alvarez-Mon, Javier. The Introduction of Cotton in the Near East: a View from Elam. à paraître dans K. Abdi, éd., Draya tya hacâ Pârsâ aitiy: Essays on the Archaeology and History of the Persian Gulf Littoral, Peeters Publishers, 2005. (Article) [more]
Ambers, Janet; Simpson, St John. Some pigment identifications for objects from Persepolis. ARTA: Achaemenid Research on Texts and Archaeology. (Article) [more]
Azarpay, Guitty; with Contributions by Catherine Demos, Edward Gans, Lydia Gans, Wolfgang Heimpel, Anne Draffkorn Kilmer, Sanjyot Mehendale and Jeanette Zerneke. SASANIAN SEALS FROM THE COLLECTION OF THE LATE EDWARD GANS, AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY. (Book) [more]
Azarpay, Guitty; Zerneke, Jeannette. A Sasanian Seal Collection in Context. (Website) [more]
Bell, Gertrud. Persian Pictures. (Book) [more]
Bessac, J.-C.; Boucharlat, R. Le monument de Takht-e Rustam, près de Persépolis dit “tombeau inachevé de Cambyse” : Note technique et reconsidérations. ARTA: Achaemenid Research on Texts and Archaeology. (Article) [more]
Bowman, Raymond A. Aramaic Ritual Texts from Persepolis. 1970. (Book) [more]
Briant, Pierre. Alexandre le Grand aujourd'hui: Alexandre 'grand économiste'. A paraitre dans Annuaire du Collège de France, 195, 2005, p. 585-599. (Article) [more]
Brinkman, John A. Mesopotamian Directory 2009. Thirteenth Edition. Feb-09. (Article) [more]
Cameron, George G. Persepolis Treasury Tablets. 1948. (Book) [more]
Campos Méndez, Israel. Auras, Daevvas y Bagas: una revisión a la terminología religiosa del panteón iranio antiguo. A paraître dans Bandue (Revista de la SECR) Vol: 1(2007), 2007. (Article) [more]
Campos Méndez, Israel. Los inicios de la dinastía aqueménida y la formación del imperio persa. A paraitre dans Revista Iberoamericana de Historia 1 (2006), 19-28. (Article) [more]
Cantera, Alberto. The Videvdad Project. (Website) [more]
Chauveau, Michel. Les archives démotiques du temple de Ayn Manâwir. ARTA: Achaemenid Research on Texts and Archaeology, 2011. (Article) [more]
Coleman, John E. Ancient Greek Ethnocentrism. from J. Coleman and C. Walz, Greeks and Barbarians; Essays on the Interactions between Greeks and Non-Greeks in Antiquity and the Consequences for Eurocentrism, Occasional Publications of the Department of Near Eastern Studies and Jewish Studies, Cornell University No. 4, Bethesda, CDL Press, 1997, 175-220. (Article) [more]
Dahl, J. Proto-Elamite Sign Frequencies. Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin (CDLB), 2001. (Article) [more]
Dahl, Jacob. Complex Graphemes in Proto-Elamite. Cuneiform Digital Library Journal (CDLJ), 2005. (Article) [more]
De Bode, C. A. Travels in Luristan and Arabistan. 2006. (Book) [more]
De Cardi, Beatrice. Excavations at Bampur, a third millennium settlement in Persian Baluchistan, 1966. Anthropological papers of the AMNH ; v. 51, pt. 3, 2005. (Book) [more]
De Morgan, J. [and others]. Recherches archéologiques: deuxieme série. Internet Archive, 1905. (Book) [more]
De Windt, Harry, 1856-1933. A Ride to India across Persia and Baluchistán. (Book) [more]
Englund, Robert K. The State of Decipherment of Proto-Elamite. (Article) [more]
Fairservis, Walter Ashlin, 1921-. Archaeological studies in the Seistan Basin of southwestern Afghanistan and eastern Iran. Anthropological papers of the AMNH, 2005. (Book) [more]
García Sanchez, Manel. La figura del sucesor del Gran Rey [prepublication version]. 2004. (Article) [more]
Garcia Sanchez, Manel. La representación del Gran Rey aqueménida en la novela histórica contemporánea. À paraître dans Historiae 2005/2, 2009. (Article) [more]
Garcia Sanchez, Manel. Persépolis, arquitectura celestial o terrenal?. À paraître dans AZARA, PEDRO; FRONTISI-DUCROUX, FRANÇOISE; LURI, GREGORIO (eds.), Arquitecturas celestiales, Actas del congreso internacional celebrado en el Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona, 14-16 de septiembre de 2006 (sous presse, 2007). (Article) [more]
Garrison, Mark. Iran: Visual Representation of the Divine and the Numinous in Early Achaemenid Iran: Old Problems, New Directions. Iconography of Deities and Demons in the Ancient Near East (IDD), 2009. (Website) [more]
Gopnik, Hilary. The ceramics of Godin II: ceramic variability in the archaeological record. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [2001]. (Book) [more]
Hallock, Richard T. Persepolis Fortification Tablets. 1969. (Book) [more]
Harvey, Scott L.; Slocum, Jonathan. Old Iranian Online. A. Richard Diebold Center for Indo-European Language and Culture Linguistics Research Center The University of Texas at Austin. (Website) [more]
Harvey, Scott L.; Slocum, Jonathan. Old Iranian Online. A. Richard Diebold Center for Indo-European Language and Culture Linguistics Research Center The University of Texas at Austin. (Website) [more]
Henkelman, Wouter F. M. Der Grabhügel. Vient de paraître : H. Stierlin, Splendeurs de l’empire perse, Gründ, 2006. (Article) [more]
Henkelman, Wouter F. M.; Jones, Charles E.; Stolper, Matthew W. Achaemenid Elamite Administrative Tablets, 2: The Qasr-i Abu Nasr Tablet. Arta, 2006. (Article) [more]
Herzfeld, Ernst E. A New Inscription of Xerxes from Persepolis. 1932. (Book) [more]
Hopkins, Edward C. Annotated Parthia Bibliography. 2001. (Website) [more]
Hopkins, Edward C. 2001. (Website) [more]
Hunger, Hermann; van der Spec, Robartus J. An Astronomical Diary Concerning Artaxerxes II (Year 42 = 363-2 B.C.). Arta, 2006. (Article) [more]
Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization (ICHO). Ayapir: The Ancient town from the Elamite Period. 2002. (Website) [more]
Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization (ICHO). Chogha Zanbil. 2002. (Website) [more]
Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization (ICHO). Haft Tappeh. 2002. (Website) [more]
Jéquier, G. [and others]. Recherches archéologiques: troisieme série. Internet Archive, 1905. (Book) [more]
Jones, Charles E.; Stolper, Matthew W. Fortification Texts Sold at the Auction of the Erlenmeyer Collection. Arta, 2006. (Article) [more]
Jones, Charles Ellwood; and others. Persepolis Fortification Archive Project. (Blog) [more]
Justis, Carol F. Indo-European Documentation Center. A. Richard Diebold Center for Indo-European Language and Culture Linguistics Research Center The University of Texas at Austin. (Website) [more]
Kantor , Helene; Delougaz, P. (Abbas Alizadeh, ed.). Chogha Mish, Volume 1: The First Five Seasons, 1961-1971. 1996. (Book) [more]
Kaptan, Deniz. Clay Tags from Seyitomer Hoyuk in Phrygia. A paraitre dans The World of Achaemenid Persia, (J. Curtis and St J. Simpson eds.) London. (Article) [more]
Kennedy, E. S.; Kennedy, M. H. Al-Kashis Geographical Table. 2006. (Book) [more]
Lamberg-Karlovsky, C. C., 1937-; Beale, Thomas Wight. Excavations at Tepe Yahya, Iran, 1967-1969: the early periods. 1986. (Book) [more]
Langsdorff, Alexander and Donald E. McCown. Tall-i-Bakun A: Season of 1932. 1942. (Book) [more]