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The Polish contribution to protection of the archaeological heritage in central south Iraq, November 2003 to April 2005

"Iraq is the cradle of modern civilization, the land of ancient Mesopotamia, and thus sites. For years, with its strong Antiquities Law and its professional State Board protected its antiquities successfully. But since the beginning of the 1990s, looted. Following the Second Gulf War (2003) the Polish government has attempted the Polish Ministry of Culture has been delegating archaeologists for purposes protection of the archaeological monuments located in the central southern Babylonia and Sumer. In close cooperation with Iraqi archaeologists, twenty-four been implemented between January 2004 and April 2005, involving aerial and recording of the most threatened archaeological sites. The Polish team has also training of the Coalition forces detachments to promote respect for heritage."

Author(s):  Olbrys, Miroslaw
Format:  Article
Date:  2007
Source:  Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites 8 (2007), 88-104
Volume Info:  2007
Volume:  8
Pages:  88-104