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Hititleri Aile Hikuku

"SUMMARYIn this study, we have tried to present the subject related investigations bydiscussing the subjects that are related with the "family law" which has an importantrole among valid rules in the state of Hittite both in Mesopotamia and pre-HittiteAnatolia.The documents of nail calligraphy showed that, today the subjects which arevalid in populities, such as marriage, divorce, inheritance formed the base in the civillaw, in that time.In Hittites, there were some traditions about engagement before the marriage.Again, In Hittites the association of marriage was depending on fatriarchal system.The chief of the family was the father where as the woman was being married off inpayment for the money paid by the bridegroom to the bride's family. The slavescould marry, divorce and could have a child like independent people as well.In the subject of divorce, divorce made no problem both fr the bride and thegroom. In the case of divorce, the goods could be shared equally.In the state of Hittite, there was so severe punishment for the adultery./Forinstance, if husband saw his wife with another man ad killed him, he wouldn't bepunished.But, in the situation when the husband forgave them, then the last decisionwas made by the king.The case of abducting girls had to be punished according to rules. The manwho abducted engaged girl, should pay the money which was given by the formerfiance. If the parents marry their daughter off with another man then they had to pay67that indemnity. If the parents didn't agree to pay, the daughter had to left that man.The "interior groom" which means that a man lives with his wife's patients, tookplace in the rules of Hittite. This term of "interior groom" refers to LU antuate in thenail calligraphic texts. So, "interior groom" means that the person who enters inside.The subject of adopting child is divided into 3 terms:a) Adopting Child in the Old State of Hittiteb) Adopting Child in the Middle State of Hittitec) Adopting Child in the New State of HittiteMost of the founded tablets were belong to Middle and New State of Hittite,where as the little of them were belong to the old state of Hittite.The most important document about adapting child was the Testament of the1st Hattuchili.The documents about the inheritance couldn't be reached through the rules ofHittite, we don't know whether the son was prefered to adopt. But, we can see fromthe Firman of Telepinu, the priority to hare inheritance was belong to the son."

Author(s):  Yildiz, Basak
Format:  Book
Publisher:  Ankara
Publication City:  Ankara
Date:  2006
Source:  Ankara University Ankara Üniversitesi Açık Arşiv Sistemi - Open Archive Repository