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HURRİLERE İLİŞKİN HİTİTÇE ÇİVİ YAZILI BELGELERDEKİ İLK KAYITLAR (The First Records on Hurrians in the Hittite Cuneiform Texts)

" (The Hurrians were an important ethnic group in the history and culture of ancient Near East. They arrived in northem Mesopotamia, southeastem Anatolia and Syriafrom the north and the northeast towards the end of the 3rd millenium BC and apparent/y became one of the most dynamic cultural and political forces in these regions in the following millenium. The Hittites whose civilization was greatly injluenced by the Hurrians were the main power in Anatolia. After the Hittite dominion was established over the Anatolia, further expansion took place into the southeastem Anatolia and northern Syria. In the 17th century the Hittites conducted their campaigns in the regions, there was a substantial Hurrian presence. The first appaerence of the name of Hurri is sporadically in tlze historica/ texts and pa/ace chronicles dating to the 17th centuryaccording to their contexts among the Hittite cuneiform archives.) "

Author(s):  YİGİT, TURGUT
Format:  Article
Date:  2005
Source:  Ankara University Ankara Üniversitesi Açık Arşiv Sistemi - Open Archive Repository