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Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization

"Our journal (Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization) was created in 1991 and first and foremost worked as a forum for the presentation of the Jagiellonian University Institute of Archeology and studies provided by its researchers.SAAC Publications focuses on the following topics:- predynastic and early dynastic Egypt- archaeology of ancient Egypt and Middle East – from the formative period till the impact on the culture and art of Egyptian civilization on modern Europe- archaeology of Greece, Cyprus, Italy with particular emphasis on research under the Greek colonies on the Black Sea coast and the Greek pottery and art- history of collecting and the history of archaeological research, discussion on the ancient objects from a collection of the Jagiellonian University Institute of Archeology"

Format:  Journal
Publisher:  Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University
Publication City:  Cracow
ISSN:  0083 – 4300