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Translation Problems in the KJV New Testament

While maintaining that the AV is a good translation, having faithfully served the English speaking world for many generations, this article focuses on some of the many deficiencies that time, subsequent manuscript discoveries, changes in the English language and advances in the science of textual criticism have wrought upon this venerable old version of the Bible. The development of the inadequate Greek text (Textus Receptus ) that provided the basis for the AV New Testament is surveyed, and the story behind the inclusion of the Comma Johanneum is told. The three (!) editions of the KJV that were published in 1611 are described, and numerous differences between the original 1611 and modern KJVs are listed, along with many other examples of readings which are no longer considered adequate.

Author(s):  Mann, Theodore H.
Format:  Article
Date:  2001
Source:  Journal of Biblical Studies
Volume Info:  Jan- Mar 2001
Volume:  1
Number:  1