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Qumran and The Book of Noah

’Opinions about the Book of Noah are far from being uniform’ (F. G. Martinez, ’Qumran and the Apocalyptic, p. 24). A careful study of the Qumran Scrolls, gives us the opportunity to reexamine the question of the existence of the Book of Noah. I will discuss the following subjects:1) The chapters and verses from Jubilees, Enoch and the fragments from Qumran usually assigned to the Book of Noah describe the events in Noah’s life differently and dispute the halacha related to Noah.2) Whether the ’Book of Noah’ referred to in Jubilees, The Aramaic Levi Document and 1QapGn can be a single source.3)Do we have enough evidence to conclude that there was any Pseudepigraphic book by the name of Noah and are the materials we have today from Qumran and the Pseudepigrapha more than different traditions about Noah?

Author(s):  Werman, Cana
Format:  Article
Date:  1997
Source:  The Orion Center for the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature