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American Anthropologist 

"American Anthropologist Journal Archive Project. You ... can now search for any author, name, subject, or cultural group written about in the AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST from 1888 through 2000 and can get a summary of what was said by whom. (To try it out, simply click on ) ... Besides finding a particular author, name, subject, or cultural group, you ... can also take a particular year - say 1890 - and see what topics were covered in what ways focusing on which cultural groups. Better yet, you can compare several years - say 1890, 1920, 1950, 1970, and 2000 - to see to what degree and in what ways anthropology has developed over that past 110 years: How have the questions and topics changed? In what ways has there been progress? ... The project, involving over 70 schools from across Canada and the United States, presents what is termed a "bifocal" view. "Bifocal" refers to the fact that there are two summaries by two different students at two different schools for each article and obituary. The goal is to avoid the biases implicit in single-authored reviews so common today..."

Format:  Journal
Publisher:  Public Anthropology