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EGYPTOLOGY by Distance Learning

"Students intending to attain a Certificate in Egyptology are required to complete one module covering the techniques of either Archaeology or Egyptology. Modules available this academic year to meet the requirement are ''Extended Introduction to Archaeological Techniques'' and ''Methods and Techniques of Egyptology''. At present Exeter offers four Level One courses in Egyptology by distance learning. Each Level One course carries 20 credits. To gain a named Certificate in Egyptology a total of 120 credits is required, with 80 credits (4 courses) in Egyptology. Two further Level One courses are in preparation, so that students may gain all credits within the subject.The Distance Learning programme is designed as an aid to studying at home. The Level One courses are of equivalent level to the first year of a University Degree. The Units cover the most important issues and questions relating to the various subjects. They cannot, and are not intended to be a complete study of each particular issue. They are intended for guidance in and around the subject area, rather than the straightforward acquisition of information and ''facts''. Students are therefore expected to do a considerable amount of supplementary reading and research. It is also helpful for students to visit local and national museums to gain familiarity with Egyptian artefacts. Courses include a number of ''tasks'' which may be completed and which can serve as a basis for discussion with other students in the discussion forum. Assessment for the course is by written assignments (''essays''). The purpose of writing essays is to develop abilities in presenting arguments and information clearly and logically; in reading and presenting the ideas of scholars succinctly and in your own words."

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Publisher:  University of Exeter, Department of Lifelong Learning
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