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Museum of Regional and Mediterranean Archaeology

"In a landscape encircled by the majesty of antiquity stands the first pavilion of the Museum of Mediterranean Archaeology, on an ancient mound whose remains, in so far as they can be established with certainty, go back to the Canaanite period. To east, the Mountains of Golan rear themselves in their inspiring changing shades. To south the mountains of Gilboa, at times grown verdant despite the curse that lies upon them. To north Mount Tabor and Mount Moriah are visible. To west the fresh lawns and tranquil flowing waters of the National Park. Close to the route of one of the country''s most ancient roads, over which goods, people and frequently armies traveled from the Mediterranean basin to the lands of the East, is this fine museum, founded in 1963 by the late Elazar Unger and other members of Kibbutz Nir David, which serves as a regional cultural center."

Format:  Museum
Publication City:  Gan Hashlosha (Nir David)