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IAA Response to WAC Accusation of Israeli Destruction of Archaeological Sites

"The World Archaeological Congress will do well to concentrate on archaeology as a science, and on preserving archaeological and cultural heritage sites. It will also be appreciated were the WAC to sound the alarm for endangered archaeological sites due to armed conflict. But, taking a political position, or providing a stage for only one political position in a conflict, thereby transforming the science of archaeology into a platform for political polemics, is unacceptable. It is clear to every sensible person that truth is subjective—each side has its own version. A common cultural heritage of the sons of Abraham—Jews and Arabs—each with divided opinions on the fate of this country, can serve as a lever for fostering peace. A condition for this is that neither side take possession of archaeology for its own objectives."

Author(s):  Dahari, Uzi
Publisher:  Israel Antiquities Authority: Jerusalem Archaeological Park
Publication City:  Jerusalem
Date:  2004