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Ancient Near Eastern Terracottas in the Ashmolean Museum

"The Ashmolean Museum has a collection of about four hundred complete and fragmentary Near Eastern terracottas dating from before the Seleucid Period (after about 350B.C.). Dr Roger Moorey, prior to his retirement as the Keeper of the Department of Antiquities, completed a catalogue of this collection but rather than publish it as a traditional bound volume, the catalogue is being made available as a series of PDF files. This is something of an experiment, and we would welcome your comments (to The catalogue makes available for specialists a small but, within its range, representative collection of a type of object much cited particularly in studies of prehistoric and early historic Near Eastern religion. A full bibliography is also included as well as commentaries around this core suitable for use as a general introduction to Ancient Near Eastern terracottas."

Author(s):  Moorey, Roger
Format:  Museum
Publisher:  The Ashmolean Museum
Publication City:  Oxford