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Indications that the "Brother of Jesus" Inscription is a Forgery

"Dr. Jeffrey R. Chadwick''s essay, "Indications that the "Brother of Jesus" Inscription is a Forgery," was an early scholarly analysis of the so-called James ossuary inscription, written within a few months of the Ossuary''s announcement to the world. Dr. Chadwick first submitted the essay for publication to Hershel Shanks'' magazine, Biblical Archaeology Review. Although the magazine turned down the essay, Mr. Shanks argued against it in his book The Brother of Jesus, which he co-wrote with Dr. Ben Witherington III. Dr. Chadwick''s essay has never been released to the public, so Bible and Interpretation offers it to the world here for the first time."

Author(s):  Chadwick, Jeffrey R
Format:  Article
Publisher:  The Bible and Interpretation
Source:  The Bible and Interpretation
Volume Info:  November 2003