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Bethsaida Report on the Season of 2003

"...the season..began on July 1st and ended on July 18th 2003. Twenty seven people participated in the expedition and they include the following members: Dr. Rami Arav (Director of the excavations, University of Nebraska at Omaha), co-directors: Dr. Nicolae Roddy (coordinator for the 2003 season, Creighton University), Dr. Carl Savage (Drew University), Dr. Richard Freund (Hartford University), Dr. Mary XXXX (Drake University), Prof. H.-W. Kuhn and Dr. Regina (University of Munich Germany), Staff member were: Steve Reynolds (Archivist, University of Omaha at Nebraska), Christine Dalenta (Photography, Hartford University), Paul Bauman (Geophysics, Canada), Morton Fine (Land Surveyor, Hartford CT), students and volunteers. Excavations Results: The purpose of this season was to clarify and retrieve more information on several issues that were unsolved during past seasons and were needed for completion the final report on Stratum 5 for Bethsaida volume 4..."

Author(s):  Arav, Rami
Format:  Article
Publisher:  The Bible and Interpretation
Date:  May 2004
Source:  The Bible and Interpretation