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Ancient Mesopotamia and Modern Iraq in the British Press, 1980-2003

"This paper addresses the relationship between the representation in British newspapers of Iraq''s present and that of its ancient past. Using a database of articles drawn from 23 years of coverage, it aims to demonstrate a strong and highly politicized tendency to link the ancient past to the present through metaphor and allegory. This connection is discussed in terms of its implications for the popular representation of ancient Mesopotamia and for coverage of contemporary politics in three contexts: the Iran-Iraq War, the 199091 Gulf War and associated sanctions, and the build-up to war in 20013. The paper examines the roles of heritage in building perceptions of modern Iraq through the media and calls for a broader recognition of the dangers and potentials of heritage as a tool in the representation of international conflict."

Author(s):  Seymour, Michael
Format:  Article
Publisher:  University of Chicago Press
Publication City:  Chicago
Source:  From: CURRENT ANTHROPOLOGY Volume 45, Number 3, June 2004