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Hieroglyphica (hieroglyphic library of more than 6900 signs)

"The Book Hieroglyphica contains a listing of more than 6900 signs available in the Extended Library, a hieroglyphic computer font for Glyph for Windows and MacScribe. The book is devided into two parts. The first part lists all the hieroglyphs in the typeface by their alphanumeric codes. The second part is an authoritative listing of the signs in each category according to formal and functional aspects. This provides the user with a work of reference for the rapid location of a particular code. It also presents an overview of the occurence of individual hieroglyphs in the so-called composite hieroglyphs."

Author(s):  Grimal, Nicolas; Hallof, Jochen; van der Plas, Dirk
Format:  Book
Publisher:  Center fr Computer Aided Egyptological Research