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Forschungen am Tigris-Tunnel (Birkleyn) 2004

"Survey of the Tigris Tunnel: In September 2004 a team from the University of Munich, led by Dr. Andreas Schachner with Prof. Dr. Karen Radner as philologist, conducted a survey of the so-called "Tigris Tunnel" and its surroundings. The project is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The Assyrian reliefs and inscriptions were discovered in 1862 and until now the most detailed study of them was that of C. Lehmann-Haupt who visited the site in 1898/99. The aim of the current project was a complete documentation of the Assyrian reliefs and inscriptions of Tiglathpileser I and Shalmaneser III as well as the survey of all existing archaeological remains in the vicinity."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  Institut für Vorderasiatische Archäologie im Department für Kulturwissenschaften und Altertumskunde
Publication City:  Munich