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"Tacita Muta is an academic group of women’s studies founded in 1998. The group is made up of some historians and Bachelors of Law at the University of Barcelona (Spain). Tacita Muta aims to promote women’s studies in the Ancient World. We chose Tacita Muta as a corporate name and as a symbol: women''s right to speak. Ovid tells in Fasti (II, 583-586) that the nymph Lara warned her sister Juturna against Jupiter and his lascivious conduct. She said it to Juno too. Jupiter was angry and he had Lara’s tongue amputated too. Therefore, Lara was sentenced to eternal silence. Jupiter ordered Mercury to guide her to Manes, the place of silenced people. On the way to hell, Lara (now Tacita Muta) was raped by the god of commerce and travellers. Two twins were born (Lares) as a result of this union. In the interpretation of this patriarchal myth, Lares are protectors of the home. Lara was punished for making use of man''s right to speak. As a group, we want Tacita to make her voice heard, creating a place where we can express ourselves as much in dissension as in consensus."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  Faculty in Geography and History of University of Barcelona
Publication City:  Barcelona