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Minoan trade: aspects and ambiguities

"The following dissertation considers the main aspects of trade during each phase of Minoan development from its beginnings in Early Minoan times (3500 BC) until the end of Minoan period in 1430 BC. The work concentrates largely on the commodities exchanged, the development of transportation and perceived trade routes as well as the role of the palaces once they were established. The theories on the Minoan Thalassocracy and colonisation are also discussed. The evidence used is mainly archaeological, which is able to trace the movement of non-perishable materials such as pottery and metals. Reference is also made to contemporary Near Eastern texts and art, as well as the Minoan Linear A and Mycenaean Linear B documents."

Author(s):  Kieser, Deanne
Format:  Book
Publisher:  University of South Africa
Date:  2005
Series:  unisa electronic theses & dissertations