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Form, Medium and Function: The Rhetorics and Poetics of Text and Hypertext in Humanities Publishing

"Books are a highly evolved, convenient and aesthetically pleasing means of conveying ideas and information from authors to readers. In scholarship, a number of different genres of text have evolved to fill clearly defined roles. Some among these are well suited to print media. Others, however, contain information or ideas that "leap off the page". This paper will explore some of the differences between two such genres: monograph (a book length text, arguing one or more theses) and commentary (a text explicating another prior text) and show why one is well suited to text presentation while features of the other - even in print medium – seems uneasily restricted by this medium. A second section will explore some of the changes introduced by an electronic hypertext format and their impact on the rhetorics and poetics of commentary writing. This section will draw on the experience of generating such a hypertext and planning for a collaborative publication project to comment on the whole Bible in such a format."

Author(s):  Bulkeley, Tim
Format:  Article
Date:  2003
Source:  International Journal of the Book
Volume Info:  2003
Volume:  1
Pages:  317-327