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Hydrogeophysical Investigation at Luxor, Southern Egypt

"Over the past 35 years, the exposed stone foundations of the ancientEgyptian monuments at Luxor have deteriorated at an alarmingly acceleratedrate. Accelerated deterioration is attributable to three principal factors:1) excavation and exposure of foundation stone; 2) construction of the AswanHigh Dam; and 3) changes in regional groundwater regime ... In an effort tobetter elucidate the hydrostratigraphy of the east bank of Luxor, anintegrated geological/geophysical/hydrological study was conducted. Thegoals were to identify and map different geoelectric (geologic/hydrologic)units in the shallow subsurface (<100m), and determine the factorscontributing to the rise of groundwater and its accompanying increase insalinity in vicinity of the monuments. It was hoped that the results of sucha study would be useful for developing and implementing effective mitigationmethodologies to retard further deterioration of Egypt’s national treasuresat Luxor."

Author(s):  Ismail, Ahmed ; Neil L. Anderson, J. David Rogers, Abbas Mohamed Abbas, Estella A. Atekwana
Format:  Article
Source:  The 3rd International Conference on Applied Geophysics - Geophysics 2003, Hotel Royal Plaza, a Downtown Disney Resort, Orlando, FL, December 8-12, 2003 - 17