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CIPA, VAST, EG Joint Conference in Cyprus 2006: The e-volution of Information Technology in Cultural Heritage. Where TecHi-Tech Touches the Past: Risks and Challenges for the 21st Centiry

This joint event will focus on interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research concerning both cutting edge Cultural Heritage Informatics and use of technology for the representation, documentation, archiving and communication of Cultural Heritage (CH) knowledge. The scope includes every phase of CH information technology: initial data capture/digitization, information/data processing, visualization and documentation as well as dissemination of results to the scientific community and the general public, and the wider legal and ethical responsibilities of Cultural Heritage Informatics. Research subjects parallel the interests of CIPA, VAST, Eurographics and EPOCH EU Network, including culturally significant monuments, artefacts and sites as well as the activities of museums, libraries, archives, and organizations involved with their care.

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