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The Sydney Cyprus Survey Project: Digital Archive

"SCSP''s main goals were to identify and locate industrial sites and agricultural villages; to reconsider and redefine the existence of a proposed site hierarchy (mining/resource sites, agricultural villages, urban centres); and to reconstruct early industrial and agricultural landscapes. SCSP was interested not only in locating sites, but in determining human-land relations throughout the landscape. In fact we were interested in the total physical and social landscape. Our framework for interpretation was based on the belief that the study of people cannot be separated from the study of their environment and, conversely, that the environment will alter as humans alter their society. SCSP dealt with the human transformation of a landscape over a period of 5000 years. In evaluating this landscape we integrated diverse fields and techniques such as archaeology, ethnohistory, geomorphology, ecology, GIS and satellite imagery into landscape reconstructions, and into social and economic reconstructions of a distinctive region. We considered not only how humans transformed the landscape they inhabited, but also how natural history and resources impacted on socio-cultural development and change..."

Author(s):  Knapp, A. Bernard; Given, Michael
Format:  Website
Publisher:  The Archaeology Data Service (ADS)
Date:  2003