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University of Pennsylvania Museum. Mediterranean Section. (Museum) [more]
University of Pennsylvania Museum. Near East Section. (Museum) [more]
University of Pennsylvania Museum. The Pennsylvania-Yale Excavations at Abydos, Egypt. (Museum) [more]
University of Pennsylvania Museum. Publications. (Museum) [more]
University of Pennsylvania Museum. Publications. (Museum) [more]
University of Pennsylvania Museum. Traveling Exhibits. (Museum) [more]
University of Pennsylvania Museum. Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur. (Museum) [more]
University of Richmond [VA], Classics Department. Ti Ameny Net. 1997. (Website) [more]
University of Warwick. Centre for East Roman Studies. [more]
University of Warwick. Corpus Fontium Manichaeorum. [more]
Unlandherm, Frank. Middle East Studies Internet Resources. (Website) [more]
Uphill, Eric. "The Ancient Egyptian View of Time and World History". ENCOUNTERS WITH ANCIENT EGYPT, 2000. (Presentation) [more]
Uphill, Eric P. Egyptian Towns and Cities. 1988. (Book) [more]
Ur, Jason. Agricultural and Pastoral Landscapes in the Near East: Case Studies using CORONA Satellite Photography. ArchAtlas Workshop 2007: Mapping Human History from Space: Tells, Routes and Archaeogeography in the Near East: Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield , SATURDAY, 3rd MARCH 2007, 2007. (Article) [more]
Ur, Jason A. Jason Alik Ur. (Website) [more]
Urbrock, William J.. Oral Antecedents to Job: A Survey of Formulas and Formulaic Systems. Semeia 05: Oral Tradition and Old Testament Studies. (Article) [more]
Urbrock, William J.. Reconciliation of Opposites in the Dramatic Ordeal of Job. Semeia 07: Studies in the Book of Job. (Article) [more]
Utzschneider, Helmut. Text - Reader - Author: Towards a Theory of Exegesis: Some European Viewpoints. Journal of Hebrew Scriptures, 1996-1997. (Article) [more]