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de Vries, Bert. The Umm el-Jimal 1992 Season. (Press Release) [more]
de Vries, Bert. The Umm el-Jimal 1993 Season. (Press Release) [more]
de Vries, Bert. The Umm el-Jimal 1994 Field Season. (Press Release) [more]
Della Casa, Romina. Language, Writing and Alphabet: An Interview with Christophe Rico. Damqatum, Spring 2007. (Press Release) [more]
Francisco Céntola and Virginia Laporta. From Biblical Studies to Assyriology: Interview with Marcel Sigrist. Fall 2009. (Press Release) [more]
Hoch, James. Middle Egyptian Grammar. 1995. (Press Release) [more]
The Kelsey On-Line. Press Release for Preserving Eternity. 1995. (Press Release) [more]
The Kelsey On-Line Exhibitions. Sepphoris in Galilee: Crosscurrents of Culture.. 1997. (Press Release) [more]
Laporta, Virginia. On Kinship and Gods in Ancient Egypt: An Interview with Marcelo Campagno. Damqatum, Fall 2007. (Press Release) [more]
Tall Hisban Project. Home Page of Tall Hisban Project. (Press Release) [more]
Tebes, Juan Manuel. Ramat Rachel Revisited: An Interview with Oded Lipschits. Damqatum, Spring 2006. (Press Release) [more]