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Beech, M. "Preliminary report on the faunal remains from an 'Ubaid settlement on Dalma island, United Arab Emirates". In: M. Mashkour, A.M. Choyke, H. Buitenhuis and F. Poplin (eds.), Archaeozoology of the Near East IV: Volume B - Proceedings of the fourth international symposium on the archaeozoology of southwestern Asia and adjacent areas. ARC Publicatie 32. Groningen, Netherlands. pp.68-78. (Chapter) [more]
Blau, S. and Beech, M. "One woman and her dog: An Umm an-Nar example from the United Arab Emirates". In: Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy 10: 34-42. (Chapter) [more]
Hellyer, P.; M. Beech. "Protected Areas and Cultural Heritage: An Abu Dhabi Case Study. In: Research and Management Options for Protected Areas". In: Proceedings of the First International Symposium and Workshop on Arid Zone Environments (January 2000). Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency, Abu Dhabi.  pp.195-213. (Chapter) [more]
Zajonz, U., M. Beech and A.C. Gill. "Fishes of sabkha-related habitats". In: H-J. Barth and B. Böer (eds.), Sabkha Ecosystems - Volume I: The Arabian Peninsula and Adjacent Countries. Tasks for Vegetation Sciences Vol 36. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht. Hardbound, ISBN 1-4020-0504-0. (Chapter) [more]