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The Bible Tool. (Website) [more]
Early Jewish Monotheisms. 2009. (Website) [more]
HIPHIL. (Journal) [more]
Mechon Mamre. (Website) [more]
Penn/Cambridge Genizah Fragment Project:. The Schoenberg Center for Text & Image (SCETI). (Website) [more]
Benner, Jeff A. Ancient Hebrew Research Center. (Website) [more]
Brettler, Marc. Best Bible Books. (Website) [more]
Brettler, Marc. Marc Brettler Home Page. (Website) [more]
Clines, David J. A.. "Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, The, Vol. 5 Mem-Nun: Bibliography to Mem". Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, The, 2001. (Chapter) [more]
Clines, David J. A.. "Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, The, Vol. 5 Mem-Nun: Bibliography to Nun". Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, The, 2001. (Chapter) [more]
Cook, John A. and Robert D. Holmstedt. Biblical Hebrew: A Student Grammar. 2009. (Book) [more]
Fokkelman, Jan P. Curriculum vitae of Dr. Jan P. Fokkelman. (Website) [more]
Gentry, Peter. E. J. Revell Bibliography. 2006. (Article) [more]
Gesenius, Wilhelm [translated by Edward Robinson]. A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament: Including the Biblical Chaldee. 2006. (Book) [more]
Green, William Henry, 1825-1900. A Hebrew chrestomathy; or, Lessons in reading and writing Hebrew. 2005. (Book) [more]
Hobbins, John F. Ancient Hebrew Poetry. (Website) [more]
Holmstedt, Robert D. Brief Academic Biography. (Website) [more]
Hornkohl, Aaron. The Pragmatics of X+verb Structure in the Hebrew of Genesis. ETHNORÊMA: Lingue, popoli e culture: Rivista annuale dell’Associazione Ethnorêma. (Article) [more]
Izre'el, Shlomo. The Corpus of Spoken Israeli Hebrew. (Website) [more]
Izre'el, Shlomo. The Emergence of Spoken Israeli Hebrew. Paper presented at the symposium Corpus Linguistics and the Study of Modern Hebrew. (Article) [more]
Moro, Caterina. La Bibbia ebraica come fonte di storia dell'ideologia. Atti della seconda giornata di studio sulla teologia politica (Roma, 30giugno 2003), ed. by Gaetano Lettieri, in press, 2005. (Article) [more]
Propp, William H. C. Revised by Tigay, Jeffrey H. GUIDE TO BIBLICAL RESEARCH. (Article) [more]
Schniedewind, William M. King and Priest in the Book of Chronicles and the Duality of Qumran Messianism. Journal of Jewish Studies. (Article) [more]
Schniedewind, William M. Structural Aspects of Qumran Messianism in the Damascus Document. The Provo International Conference on the Dead Sea Scrolls New Text, Reformulated Issues, and Technological Innovations</i> (Leiden: Brill, 1998). (Article) [more]
Schniedewind, William M.; Sivan, Daniel. Letting Your 'Yes' be 'No' in Ancient Israel: A Study of the Asseverative l' and hl' in Hebrew. Journal of Semitic Studies. (Article) [more]
Schniedewind, William M; Sivan, Daniel. The Dialect of the Elisha-Elijah Narratives: A Case Study in Northern Hebrew. Jewish Quarterly Review. (Article) [more]
Stadelmann, Didier. Anastésontai. (Website) [more]
Tigay, Jeffrey H. THE BIBLE "CODES": A TEXTUAL PERSPECTIVE. (Article) [more]
Wesselius, Jan-Wim. Homepage of Jan-Wim Wesselius. (Website) [more]
Yoreh, Tzemah. The Sources of Biblical Narrative. (Website) [more]