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Trismegistos. (Website) [more]
Depauw, M. ; C. Arlt, M. Elebaut, A. Georgila, S.A. Gülden, H. Knuf, J. Moje, F. Naether, H. Verreth, S. Bronischewski, B. Derichs, S. Eslah, M. Kromer. A Chronological Survey of Precisely Dated Demotic and Abnormal Hieratic Sources. Trismegistos Online Publications (TOP), Feb-08. (Book) [more]
Depauw, Mark; and others. Demotic and Abnormal Hieratic Texts. (Website) [more]
Jéquier, Gustave. Le papyrus Prisse et ses variantes. Propylaeum-DOK, 1911. (Book) [more]