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Lantern Slides of Classical antiquity: A CSA Project in Cooperation with Bryn Mawr College

"Many colleges have image collections that have been used as educational aids in classrooms and libraries. Bryn Mawr College is typical, though its collection is unusually large. The College''s collection of slides and prints has been in use since before the turn of the twentieth century, and many of the images of archaeological subjects are truly irreplaceable. In fact, some of those images are now of interest and importance not only for classroom use but for students and scholars who need to examine monuments in detail. Many of the medium-format glass plates (lantern slides) from late in the nineteenth or early in the twentieth century, all black-and-white of course, were taken of monuments that have subsequently been damaged or eroded. There are also photographs of excavations in progress and of monuments in stages of repair/restoration that provide unique information to contemporary users. Thus, these images are not simply classroom aids now; they are invaluable resources for serious scholarship..."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  Bryn Mawr