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Zenobia: Empress of the East: Exploring Zenobia's World. The Incredible Rise and Fall of the City of Palmyra

"...I originally intended to use this blog to ask for comments on my Wilkinson lecture on Zenobia, part of the Women of Power series, given on 2 May 2006 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York -- and I hope to have at least the text part of the lecture up within the next weeks. But I also hope occasionally to blog about Zenobia''s world, together with like-minded enthusiasts, in thinking about Palmyra between West and East, the third century A.D., Rome and the Parthian, then Sassanian Persian Empire, their history, politics, art. And thinking, always, about the incredible but true story of Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra, who united the whole of the Eastern Empire under her rule and almost succeeded in breaking free of Rome. The lifeblood of the blog will be comments and contributions from all Zenobia enthusiasts, academic or not: you are invited to participate."

Author(s):  Weingarten, Judith
Format:  Blog