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MAGIS: Mediterranean Archaeology GIS

"Welcome to MAGIS, an inventory of regional survey projects in the greater Mediterranean. To search the database, please choose on of the options at the left. The Spatial Search allows users to zoom to a specific region on the Mediterranean or to view all projects currently entered (for which we have coordinates). The Database Search allows queries based on specific fields in the database. We also invite scholars to enter the metadata abouth their own projects by using the Data Entry form. Our Help pages offer detailed explanations about the search and data entry options, as well as browser support and the user interface. You can access the Help pages directly on each page by clicking on the symbol. If you have corrections to or comments about projects already in the system, please contact us at (a link to this address exists at the bottom of every page). Contact us at the same address if you are interested in the code developed for MAGIS. Thank you! "

Format:  Website
Publisher:  Collaboratory for GIS and Mediterranean Archaeology (CGMA)
Date:  2006