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International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies

"The International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies is a new peer-reviewed, tri-annual, academic publication, sponsored by the International Association of Contemporary Iraqi Studies, and is devoted to the study of modern Iraq. In recognition of Iraq''s increasingly important position on the world stage, the time is right for a new journal dedicated to scholarly engagement with the country. IJCIS will be an interdisciplinary journal, spanning the disciplines within the humanities, arts and social sciences. Some of the diverse themes to be covered, will be culture, society, politics, economics, and history. The unrestricted topical nature of the journal reflects the many facets of contemporary Iraq and its peoples, and will provide a needed forum for academic research.In spite of the expanding interest in Iraq, there is currently no single journal dedicated to contemporary Iraqi studies. By providing comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the subject, the International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies will be an invaluable resource, not only for academics and students but also for business, civil society, and the public at large. We welcome submissions relevant to any aspect of contemporary Iraq."