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Tell el-Dab'a-Homepage

"Tell el-Dabca (8km north of Markaz Faqus, eastern Delta, 30° 47’ N, 31° 50’ E) can be identified now certainty with Avaris, capital of the Hyksos (c. 1640-1530 BC) and with the southern part of Piramesse, the Delta residence of Ramesses II and his successors. In the 18th Dynasty the site can most probably be identified with Peru-nefer, the major naval and military stronghold of the Tuthmosides. Most probably this place was also identical with the biblical town Raamses/Ramesse from the time of the Ramessides. The easternmost branch of the Nile passed once west of the site.History of the ExcavationExcavations there started 1885 by E. Naville.1941-42 Labib Habachi worked there for the Egyptian Antiquities Service and suggested an identification with Avaris.1951-1954 Shehata Adam excavated partly the 12th Dynasty-site of cEzbet Rushdi.1966-69 and from 1975 onwards the site is under survey and excavation with more than 45 field- and study campaigns by the Austrian Archaeological Institute in Cairo..."

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