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"In answer to the requests of the users of this site, Fr. James Swetnam S.J., in his Letter to the ex-alumni and ex-alumnae (May 15, 2006), announced the publication of the work which is now available. The intended readership of this offering includes those who are engaged in the complex field of biblical research, especially students, old and new, who desire to pursue our common interest, which, begun at school, may now, thanks to this contribution, be reinvigorated and sustained. This selective bibliography privileges those studies which provide an emphasis on scientific reliability in the results obtained or, in favor of young researchers, may open up unexplored tracks in various sectors of biblical inquiry. Many entries are marked by one or two asterisks, which are intended to differentiate the level of each work and to facilitate a choice by the users. For the selection and evaluation of the works, the editor has benefited by the expertise of his colleagues, to whom he is grateful. In anticipation, thanks go to those who will point out unintentionally omitted contributions and, to the authors, go my sincere apologies."

Author(s):  Bazylinski, Stanislaw
Format:  Website
Publisher:  Pontificio Istituto Biblico
Publication City:  Rome
Date:  2007