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Akarçay Tepe

"This is the official website of the excavations at Akarçay Tepe (nearest modern town is Şanlıurfa, in Turkey), the Anatolian Neolithic mound (350 x 150 m) that has yielded architectural structures and artefacts dated from the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB) to the Pottery Neolithic (PN) periods (dated ca. 7800 - 6000 BC). There is an introduction to the project; short reports of the yearly excavations since 1999 and short illustrated summaries of the main findings, including architectural structures, ceramics, stone and bone tools, as well as archaeozoological and archaeobotanical analyses. The radiocarbon C14 dates obtained from Akarçay Tepe are freely available from the CANEW project website. A comprehensive bibliography is available and there are some scanned versions of printed reports in PDF format (some in English and some in Turkish language). Readers should note that it is necessary to allow popups to access some resources..."[]

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