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Bibliotheca Augustana : tabula peutingeriana

"This website by Prof. em. Ulrich Harsch publishes a collection of pictures of the Tabula Peutingeriana (Peutinger Table), a medieval copy of a Roman map (itinerarium pictum) of the Empire. The original manuscript was probably drawn around 250 AD, but the oldest surviving copy dates around 1200 AD. There are a few pictures of parts of the 1200 AD document and the 1598 AD copy by Marco Velsero. A full set of high resolution colour pictures of the 1887 copy by Conrad Miller is made available; this is the clearest copy for modern reading and includes a reconstruction of the first sheet. The sample pictures of the other editions show how the process of copying might have slightly altered the original document..."[]

Author(s):  Harsch, Ulrich
Format:  Website