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The Schøyen Collection: 720 Manuscripts Spanning 5000 Years: This checklist is a work in progress, privately maintained

"The Schøyen Collection comprises most types of manuscripts from the whole world spanning over 5000 years. It is the largest private manuscript collection formed in the 20th century. The whole collection, MSS 1-5381, comprises 13,642 manuscript items, including 2,242 volumes. 6,850 manuscript items are from the ancient period, 3300 BC - 500 AD; 3,851 are from the medieval period, 500 - 1500; and 2,941 are post-medieval. There are manuscripts from 134 different countries and territories in 120 languages and 184 scripts..."

Author(s):  Schøyen, Martin; Compiled by Elizabeth Gano Sørenssen
Format:  Website
Publisher:  The Schøyen Collection
Publication City:  London
Date:  2007