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Chronologies of the Black Sea Area in the Period C. 400-100 BC

"A renewed interest in chronological problems has surfaced in recent years. In this volume deriving from the first international conference of the Danish National Research Foundation''s Centre for Black Sea Studies thirteen contribu­t­ions by scholars from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, USA, Canada, Belgium and Denmark review and discuss the elements on which the chronology used in Black Sea archaeology and history in the period c. 400-100 BC is built up.The subjects include: amphora and amphora stamp chronologies, coin chronology, the Athenian pottery, epigraphic evidence, and a number of case studies presenting the material on which is based the dating of a series of Greek and barbarian/non-Greek sites and burial monuments on the northern shores of the Black Sea."

Author(s):  Stolba, Vladimir F. & Lise Hannestad [Eds.]
Format:  Book
Publisher:  Aarhus University Press
Publication City:  Aarhus
Date:  2005
Series:  Black Sea Studies 3