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Panskoye I. Vol. 1, The Monumental Building U6

"This series publishes the results of the excavation of Panskoye I, a rural settlement in Northwestern Crimea dating from the period c. 400-270 BC. The settlement was founded by Olbia, the most important Greek city on the northern shores of the Black Sea. Half a century later the fortress was destroyed and the settlement taken over by another Greek city, Chersonesos Taurica. From then on and until its final destruction it formed part of the chora (territory) of this city.The first volume of Panskoye I reports the results of research into a monumental building (U6), which was erected after the takeover by the city of Chersonesos, and details the very varied and rich finds such as sculpture, pottery, lamps, terracottas, coins, metals, stone and glass objects, and graffiti, excavated here. The architecture and layout of the building is studied in detail, and the results of a number of scientific studies, such as geological, palaeo-botanical and petrographic analyses are also included. The Introduction presents the large-scale survey of Northwestern Crimea which began in 1959, of which the excavations of Panskoye I (1964-94) form a central part."

Author(s):  Hannestad, Lise; Vladimir F. Stolba & Alexander N. Sceglov [Eds.]
Format:  Book
Publisher:  Aarhus University Press
Publication City:  Aarhus
Date:  2002
Series:  Panskoye I Archaeological Investigations in Western Crimea