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Placemarks for Google Earth

"A preliminary set of placemarks (ANE.kml) for Google Earth of a selection of the most important archaeological sites in the Ancient Near East can be downloaded here (preferably right-click or ctrl-click). With Google Earth already installed, just double click the ANE.kml icon and save when leaving Google Earth if you want to keep the placemarks. They can be rearranged, deleted or extanded later on by yourself. You find all archaeological sites listed in your left panel of Google Earth under Places/My Places.Until someone else comes up with a better, more permanent solution, these placemarks may be updated when more areas will be available in higher resolution on Google Earth. Any correction or addition with coordinates could be sent to Olof Pedersén. No support is offered."

Author(s):  Pedersén, Olof
Format:  Presentation