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The Subject Centre for History, Classics and Archaeology

"The Subject Centre for History, Classics and Archaeology has been founded to support teaching and learning in history, archaeology, and classical studies. It has been approved by the four funding bodies for UK higher education. The centre is one of 24 funded within the Higher Education (HE) Academy to promote high quality learning and teaching by providing subject-based support for sharing innovations and good practices.The key role of The Subject Centre for History, Classics and Archaeology is to be a one stop shop for the subject communities for matters relating to learning and teaching. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive framework for the support and development of learning and teaching in History, Classics and Archaeology, addressing both the unique challenges confronting each discipline and those which they share. We identify, collect and disseminate information and material on good practice in teaching and learning, drawing on a wide range of sources, not least from practitioners willing to share their experience with colleagues.The headquarters of the Subject Centre is hosted by the University of Glasgow. Subject specialists in History are hosted by the Universities of Bath Spa and Nottingham, Classics by the University of Durham and Archaeology by the University of Liverpool. The centre draws directly upon the experience of such initiatives as the CTI Centre for History, Archaeology and Art History, History 2000, the Humanities Academic Network, the STILE Project, and TLTP consortia in Archaeology and History.If you have views about the priorities and activities of the Subject centre, or would like to receive additional information in future, please contact hca or check our further contact details."