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The Qumran-Essene Theory And Recent Strategies Employed In Its Defense

"This article examines a series of efforts initiated over the past decade by traditional Dead Sea Scrolls scholars in defense of the original Qumran-Essene theory of Scroll origins. These efforts notably include: (1) declarations to the press concerning DNA analyses, the results of which were thereafter never released; (2) unverifiable claims concerning an ostracon found at Qumran, repeated in several publications and never retracted; (3) a series of Scroll exhibits that appear designed to lead the public towards acceptance of the Qumran-Essene theory as factually correct; and (4) a recently organized press campaign also appearing to encourage the public, on the basis of parasitological organisms found near Khirbet Qumran, to acquiesce in the truth of that theory. The author argues thatthe totality of these efforts raises serious concerns regarding the treatment ofarchaeological and manuscript discoveries and their public presentation."

Author(s):  Golb, Norman
Format:  Article
Publisher:  Oriental Institute
Publication City:  Chicago
Date:  2007