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Sacred Space and Sacred Function in Ancient Thebes

"This volume presents a series of papers delivered at a two-day session of the Theban Workshop held at the British Museum in September 2003. Due to its political and religious prominence throughout much of pharaonic history, the region of ancient Thebes offers scholars a wealth of monuments whose physical remains and extant iconography may be combined with textual sources and archaeological finds in ways that elucidate the function of sacred space as initially conceived, and which also reveal adaptations to human need or shifts in cultural perception. The contributions herein address issues such as the architectural framing of religious ceremony, the implicit performative responses of officiants, the diachronic study of specific rites, the adaptation of sacred space to different uses through physical, representational, or textual alteration, and the development of ritual landscapes in ancient Thebes"

Author(s):  Dorman, Peter F.; Bryan, Betsy M. [editors], with contributions by Mohammed el-Bialy, Martina Ullmann, Dimitri Laboury, Silke Grallert, Peter Brand, J. Brett McClain, Harold M. Hays and William Schenck, Catharine H. Roehrig, Boyo G. Ockinga, Heike Behlmer, and Kees van der Spek
Format:  Book
Publisher:  The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago
Publication City:  Chicago
Date:  2007
ISBN:  978-1-885923-46-2
Series:  Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization, Number 61